The UK is preparing for a civil servants’ strike

The UK is preparing for a civil servants’ strike

Photo: ANP

The wave of strikes continues in the UK next month with a major strike by civil servants. On Wednesday, the PCS trade union announced that around 100,000 British civil servants working in 124 government departments will give up their jobs on February 1. This increases pressure on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Last month and this month, there have already been train strikes and ambulance strikes in the UK. Health care workers, teachers, driving instructors, airport passport checkers and lawyers have all dropped their jobs in recent months.

Many government employees are participating in the strike. As a result, it will likely be difficult to take a driving test or apply for a passport on February 1. Interest payments may also be delayed.

The first day of February was deliberately chosen because that day was already being organized by an umbrella body of British trade unions against a bill by the Sunak government restricting the right to strike. Sunak wants to ensure minimum levels of service in the proceedings, which is causing strikes to lose momentum.

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