The supermarket ad voice actor must be on standby for bonus offers |  RTL Street

The supermarket ad voice actor must be on standby for bonus offers | RTL Street

It turns out that the life of a supermarket commercial voice actor revolves around performances. For example, Albert Heijn's “voice” is often on standby to record unexpected extras for commercials on television and radio. That's what the voice in question, Robert van den Berg (41), says on The BLVD Podcast.

“It's unfortunate that I had to leave that.”

This week, in the Media World Unraveled section, a question was asked about the contractual status with voice actors for commercials. Are they allowed to record commercials for multiple brands or are they stuck with one company? “At one point I was the voice of BMW, but then I wasn’t allowed to participate in competing car brands,” says Robert.

What about your current employer? “Albert Hein is a big player (…) They say: ‘We want you exclusively.’ So he's not allowed to record commercials for other companies, including non-department stores. “I thought that was a shame if I'm honest. Because I thought BMW was a very cool brand. It's a shame I had to give that up.”

It's a busy job for a voice actor. “In principle, I withdraw the bonus every Monday morning,” says Robert. “There is often a re-admission on Wednesday. So if prices are adjusted, I do it on Wednesday morning. But it sometimes happens that I get a call on Thursday or Friday, especially if competing supermarkets have adjusted prices. Then they follow up.” “.

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