The strike wave in the UK is also affecting the Dutch economy

EconomyDec 21 22 10:12author: BNR Web Editor

The strike wave in the UK is not over yet. Postal deliverers and customs officials also went on strike. This affects not only the country, but also the Dutch economy. “The strike wave is affecting the entire business community and ultimately the consumer as well,” says Harry Brockhoff of the Dutch-British Chamber of Commerce.

The strike wave in the UK affects not only the country, but also the Dutch economy. (ANP/EPA/Andy Raine)

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“All companies are affected by these strikes and the delays will only get worse in the supply chain,” says Brockhoff. According to him, companies that move fresh goods in particular will “see an immediate impact”. But eventually, other businesses will also be affected and suffer damages. Delays always cost money and affect businesses and consumers. It affects everyone, so it’s not a good thing.


Brockhoff does not yet know the cost of this. “But of course the damage is enormous,” he says. The UK economy has gone through Brexit, then Covid, which is now geopolitically. This has led to a lot of inflation. This is a common problem and a major dilemma.

And he continues, “We are always in talks with embassies and local chambers of commerce and express our concerns. We continue to advocate that we should continue negotiating to resolve these issues. (…]We are worried about the coming weeks, because there is no sign yet that it will end soon.

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