The Spot: Joyce from Rivierenbuurt is a witch

The Spot: Joyce from Rivierenbuurt is a witch

Joyce van Nispen from Rivierenbuurt is a magician who, among other things, does palmistry and does tarot cards. She once started learning palm reading to better understand her daughter, who lives in a completely different world.

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“Magic and sorcery are nothing more than a way of life,” she explains. “Just like Buddhism is a way of life. Witchcraft is also a way of life. A witch is actually a translation of a wise man or woman who realizes that everything is energy.”

According to Joyce, palmistry has nothing to do with fortune telling. Fingerprints say one thing about your personality and the lines on the hand say another thing. “What you want to experience is fixed. How you want to experience it is up to you.”

She will soon be starting “Joyce's Witching Hour”: a monthly live online moment where people can ask all the questions they have about witchcraft. You then perform a specific Tarot reading for the upcoming full moon with an explanation of the convergence of thematic, numerical, astrological, and galactic energies.

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