The prosecutor wants to investigate fraud in the Serbian elections

The prosecutor wants to investigate fraud in the Serbian elections

Demonstrators are protesting in Belgrade this week against what they see as the lenient way in which the Serbian authorities deal with the possibility of election fraud.Photo by Agence France-Presse

According to the OSCE, votes were bought and illegal votes were cast. It was already decided on Wednesday that the elections should be partially ended. Voting can be held again in thirty of the eight thousand polling stations on December 30.

Prosecutors now want to know if there is enough evidence to open a criminal case. For example, they'll actually have a video of two women talking to each other about accepting money in exchange for their votes.

The ruling party led by President Aleksandar Vucic won the elections last Sunday convincingly. But in recent days there have been many protests against the alleged fraud. Some opposition members even went on hunger strike for a just outcome. According to her party, MP Marinika Tepic's health is now in danger because she is not eating. Despite this, she does not give up and remains determined to fight until the end to annul the elections that were brutally stolen.”

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