The private security guard (96) was not prosecuted for poor health

The private security guard (96) was not prosecuted for poor health

The judge found that a 96-year-old German accused of crimes during WWII was too big to stand trial. There is a good chance that he was found guilty of paying the legal costs himself.

Harry S. was charged in 2017 for his role in the atrocities at Camp Stutthof in Poland, the first concentration camp the Nazis set up outside Germany. During the war, about 60,000 people died from hardship, beatings and execution.

As a superintendent, X could have been directly involved in the transfers to Auschwitz. So he was accused of killing 600 prisoners.

The elderly suspects

In recent years, Germany has indicted a handful of elderly SS employees for their role in the Holocaust. In the years immediately following the war, suspects were only prosecuted if there was evidence that they had killed or actually assaulted people, but complicity in the destruction machine for the time being suffices to bring charges.

Earlier this year it was still there Charged 95-year-old secretary For her role as Stutthof’s performance. Last year, 93 years old, former SS man A suspended prison sentence For his role in the deaths of more than 5,000 victims.

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