The Orange Women qualify directly for the World Cup finals in injury time

The Orange Women qualify directly for the World Cup finals in injury time

On October 22, it will be clear who the lionesses will have to compete against in the group stage of the final tournament.

He should have won

This is the third time that women have participated in the World Cup. The Netherlands participated in Canada in 2015 and France in 2019.

To make sure they participate in the World Cup next summer, they had to win tonight at Galgenwaard in Utrecht. Only the group winner gets a direct ticket, and the numbers 2 from the nine groups must enter the playoffs.

Because the Orange team in Group C dropped points against the Czech Republic (1-1 and 2-2) and Iceland won everything else, the Netherlands finished second ahead of the game by one point.

Thus men (women) may search for a purpose, but for a long time in vain.

The lionesses had plenty of chances in the first half. Among other things, the tape was on the way. Jansen and Van de Donk shot towards her, and Van de Graggett hit the keeper who also removed the ball from the crossbar. And those were only three times out of the many times the target was so close but didn’t fall.

And the ball didn’t want to go in the second half either. In total, the Netherlands scored more than twenty goals against Iceland and it was very exciting for the fans in the stands.

But in injury time it was still 1-0 and Galgenwaard exploded.

New national coach

The Netherlands reached the final three years ago in the World Cup in France, where the American footballers were very strong with a score of 2-0. At this summer’s European Championships in England, Team Orange were stuck in the quarter-finals as the title holders.

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This led to the resignation of national team coach Mark Parsons. His successor Andres Juncker made his debut last Friday in the 2-1 friendly match against Scotland.

The Netherlands wants to organize the 2027 Women’s World Cup with Belgium and Germany. The three countries have expressed their interest in 2020 with FIFA and UEFA. KNVB initially planned to apply on its own, but decided to include the Belgian and German federations when the field of World Cup participants was expanded from 24 to 32 countries.

Next year, FIFA is expected to decide where the 2027 World Cup will be held. The intention is that the final will be held in the Netherlands when the tournament is allotted to the three neighboring countries.

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