7 symptoms that make you exercise vigorously - Wel.nl

7 symptoms that make you exercise vigorously – Wel.nl

You might think that this is a good sign if you sometimes have to go through pain during exercise. After all, that means it works. Push your limits.

But it is also possible that you are not only making your body stronger and your health better, but you are harming your body by doing hard exercise.
“Everyone is at risk of overshooting, and it’s not just athletes who can do it,” says Caitlin Lewis, M.D., a sports medicine physician.
Symptoms of overtraining can include muscle soreness that lasts for more than two days, muscle swelling, and a feeling of warmth in the muscles. If you go too far, you can also get chronic tendinitis.
We regularly exceed its limits and risk a serious degree of violation. This is especially common among triathletes and other endurance athletes. But if you don’t get enough sleep in your busy life and do a lot of sports, you are also taking a risk.
Signs of overtraining may include:

  • Deep feeling of tiredness.
  • energy loss.
  • Chronic colds, infections and other diseases.
  • insomnia.
  • overweight.
  • Stamina drops.
  • For women, missed period

The list also includes weight gain. there is a problem. People often think that when they gain weight they should exercise harder.
According to Dr. Lewis, you should take the time to recover from the violation. This may require at least 6 to 8 weeks of rest.

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