The new vaccine against dengue fever has been injected in the Netherlands

The new vaccine against dengue fever has been injected in the Netherlands

Willemstad – You can now get vaccinated against dengue fever in various places in the Netherlands. This is good news for travelers who have previously contracted the virus. Until now, there was no good treatment for dengue fever, also known as dengue fever.

You become infected with dengue fever through the bite of a mosquito in a (sub)tropical area such as Thailand, Indonesia and the Caribbean. Until recently, there was only a way to protect yourself from dengue fever with protective clothing and mosquito repellent.

That changed with the arrival of a vaccine approved for use in Europe late last year.

The first batches of the vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Takeda are now being used. The National Coordination Center for Traveler Advice (LCR) is reporting to RTL Nieuws that it is receiving signals that there is a high demand for vaccination.

The most serious disease course

Doctors currently recommend the dengue vaccine mainly for people who have already had the infection. With the second or third infection, the risk of a more severe course of the disease is greater.

Anyone bitten by a mosquito infected with dengue can become seriously ill. Without treatment, people can die.

So vaccination may also be considered for people who have not had an infection.

For complete protection, two injections are required, separated by three months. The costs are around 250 euros. Not everyone can be vaccinated. For example, the injection is not available to young children and is not recommended for pregnant women.

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