The "Netflix" crew is safely back on Earth

The “Netflix” crew is safely back on Earth

From left to right: Passengers Jared Isakman, Hayley Arsenault, Christopher Sembrowski and Sian Proctor in space.AFP photo

After three days in space, the four nightly space tourists returned from Saturday to Sunday with necessary cosmic beginnings in their back pockets.

For example, they are part of the first full civilian crew that was in Earth orbit. In addition, they resided in an unusually high orbit, 575 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, higher than the International Space Station. The last time humans were away from our planet was in 1997, during a space shuttle mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

panoramic dome

On board, travelers frequently used the specially-mounted panoramic dome on the part that SpaceX’s Crew Dragon crew usually uses to dock with the International Space Station. However, a visit to that station was not on the itinerary.