I hope electric Ferraris and Lamborghinis don't venture into fake rooms

I hope electric Ferraris and Lamborghinis don’t venture into fake rooms

Italian supercar makers really need to switch to electric. The Italian government has argued with the European Commission to exclude “smaller manufacturers in the luxury car sector”, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, from the ban on the sale of combustion cars from 2035. But the commission opposes this.

Perhaps the Italian manufacturers waited too long. Germany’s Porsche launched the all-electric Taycan two years ago and even Harley-Davidson, I mean even Harley – ‘bop bop boP boP bOP bOP BOP BOP’ – Davidson already has an electric model. Plus, if you’re talking about sports: electric cars in particular accelerate so ridiculously fast that the government may have to consider capping the acceleration above the current speed limit.

But yes, “experience”. He said that an exclusive car rental ad that for its customers Engine noise essential. That is why he saw it as an option to equip electric supercars with loudspeakers with a loud engine sound. Wait what?

Well, that in itself is not entirely new. The sound of the engine of cars, especially those in the more expensive and faster segment, has always been ‘designed’ with care. It’s not just boys who think they can turn a Suzuki Alto into a Ferrari with a big bang. Many manufacturers use amplifiers to reduce engine noise indoors and outdoors to lighten the car, which leads to questionable reactions from some consumers when they discover that the “engine sound” is coming from the amplifier. But there’s also a kit where you can electrically sound your Tesla Model 3 as if it had a 10-cylinder combustion engine. The manufacturer calls it A active sound system It is actually marginally less absurd than it hidden sound system since when jskfit suspicious or suspicious.

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I hope Ferrari and Lamborghini don’t get into this kind of fake room. Yes, supercars are all about the experience. And yes, sound is an important part of that. But originality is also an important value for these types of brands. “Good, this is the latest model from Ferrari, the real nut is in the dashboard and here is the engine amplifier.” Moreover, the silence is exactly what makes electric driving a special experience. BMW also portrayed it beautifully in 2014 in its commercial for the i3, where a man in a restaurant delights his somewhat skeptical interlocutor. Filming in complete silence.

Car manufacturers will have to rethink what the driving experience means and not try to emulate the old driving experience. Nor did we fill electric trains with smoke machines to give them a richer steam train experience. Electric cars are a different new thing. It’s time for a new and different experience.

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