The movie "Dune" ranked first in cinemas around the world

The movie “Dune” ranked first in cinemas around the world

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true Dune It can’t be seen in North America, the UK and China in the coming weeks, and the movie is already showing in our small country. And so on in 23 other countries, including Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Belgium.

The movie is expected Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049 Enemy) will record a good turnover of 35-40 million dollars this weekend. In the first two days (Wednesday and Thursday), the movie grossed $8.4 million.

In Russia, at least $1.4 million was collected on the day of the premiere. A record in 2021. The sci-fi movie debuted on Wednesday in France with $1.55 million.

Box office sets Dune: Part Two

The US box office in particular and the release’s impact on HBO Max will ensure we get to see Part Two as well. The film cost about $165 million, and then, of course, there are multimillion-dollar marketing and distribution costs.

What exactly the financial picture will look like is still guesswork at the moment. Appears in the United States Dune On October 21, both in theaters and on HBO Max, the Chinese date has yet to be announced.

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