Ministerie schaft zes smart-televisies aan voor afstandsonderwijs

The Ministry buys six smart TVs for remote learning

Six 50-inch smart TVs were purchased by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MinOWC). Six secondary schools in the counties of Sipaliwini, Brokopondo and Marowijne will receive a school to create a digital learning environment, so that students can participate in distance learning in groups. This type of education will be provided, among others, by teachers from the Teacher Training Institute (IOL) and their fellow subject teachers from other schools.

On the other hand, it will be possible for students to watch educational films with the guidance of their subject teachers across YouTube, digital platforms and websites, says Milton Taub, head of the VOJ Inspectorate. Schools that will receive such smart TV are: Mulo Brokopondo, Mulo Brownsweg, VOJ Albina, VOJ Atjoni, VOJ Apoera and VOJ Stoelmanseiland.

Most students in the indoor areas cannot pursue distance learning, because they do not have the opportunity to do so at home. Thus this group depends on the facilities of the school. Some of these schools have a computer lab with computers and/or laptops. With the exception of VOJ Albina, the schools have a fairly stable internet connection. ICT lessons are also provided.

Since there are not enough audio-visual teaching materials in the classroom, ICT teachers are forced to guide students individually using their devices. The big drawback is creating a slower internet connection. The solution to this is for only a laptop to be placed in the room, which is connected to a Smart TV. Smart TV is preferred over a transmitter, because with a transmitter, separate provisions must be made for audio playback.

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Moreover, according to Taub, it is becoming increasingly difficult to borrow qualified teachers in the Netherlands. Due to school closures, due to COVID-19 measures, distance learning is a welcome way to make up for educational shortcomings that have arisen.

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