The Grove radio host spoke on the right side of Conservative America

The Grove radio host spoke on the right side of Conservative America

Rush Limbaugh, an influential American radio presenter who was a pioneer of conservative radio and a driving force behind the right-wing Republicans, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 70. This was announced by his wife Katherine Limbaugh. The outspoken conservative has been diagnosed with lung cancer and his popular radio show The Rush Limbaugh Show.

Limbaugh, one of America’s greatest media personalities, was known for his aggressive and optimistic style, and he insulted progressive politicians. Long before former President Donald Trump scolded his opponents with nicknames, Limbaugh scolded them – to the amusement of his listeners.

With his official radio voice, the so-called Limbaugh talk radio provided a great impetus among right-wing conservatives. His show aired nationwide on weekdays since 1988 and has attracted millions of viewers. Limbaugh, who earns $ 85 million a year according to the American media, has greatly influenced the views of Republican listeners with his provocative statements. For example, she was a serious climate suspect, and she was negative about things like feminism and homosexuality. He issued racist statements about former President Barack Obama, who, after being elected in 2008, said he “hopes he will fail.”

Right-wing media

Limbaugh’s direct commentary laid the foundation for the American right – wing media industry led by Fox News, and paved the way for influential conservative providers such as Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. He described himself in 2010 with unique indifference as the “intellectual machine of the conservative movement.”

Critics saw Limbaugh as a divisive figure who ignored the facts. Trump sparked tensions among his political opponents a year ago when he presented the country’s highest-ranking citizen, the honorable Limbaugh Independence Medal, during the union’s annual speech.

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Limbaugh was involved in spreading misinformation until the last. He suggested that the corona virus was designed to bring down Trump, and described Govit-19 as “a cold”. He was one of the loudest voices in the stream of unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud in last year’s presidential election. After attacking Capitol, he compared the rioters to the country’s founding fathers. “Many conservatives and social media claim that violence or aggression are completely unacceptable. I’m glad Sam Adams and Thomas Payne did not think so.”

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