Jet can go to America for sinus thrombosis treatment (money available)

Jet can go to America for sinus thrombosis treatment (money available)

Fewer than 110 motorcyclists from Heliwi and Alexander’s company did not leave Osseprogon in Bailey. The motorcyclists traveled in small groups from Miden-Trente, Croningen, Acerhock, Heckendorp and Eindhoven to the jet hometown of Weh-den Horn.

Participants made a contribution to the trip, for which they received coffee and a final lunch with a snack on departure. This lunch was hosted by Mathiez Mulder of Jumbo Mulder. Helvi Jagger: ‘What a hero. He financed everything. ‘

All in all, Helvy looks back on a wonderful day: ‘We had so much fun. It was so awesome. ‘A young woman named Jet was also impressed on Saturday. Sound-like stimuli hit her hard, causing her fatigue. She has less strength and feeling on the left side of her body because this part is paralyzed. Thanks to the efforts of her friend, she can now go to America.

All sorts of emotions fell on the jet that day, and Helvi saw it all happen: ‘Yes, she was emotional and exaggerated. Everything at once. But above all thankful. ‘

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