The Greek track is considering playing the Rotterdam tournament after all

The Greek track is considering playing the Rotterdam tournament after all

Talon Grape is considering competing at the ABN AMRO Open in Rotterdam next month. The Netherlands No. 2 kicked off the tennis season last week with an ATP title in Pune, India, thus rising sharply in the world rankings.

The rise in the ratings has given the Greek track more tournament options and he is also likely to be accepted into the Grand Masters tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami, both in March. These two tournaments are also played on hard courts.

And the Greek track (26) indicated at the end of last year that he would prefer a series of clay championships in South America to participating in Rotterdam and a number of indoor tournaments, in part with the aim of working on his ranking on his preferred surface. He started the year as world No. 95, but has now climbed to No. 61.

“He has contacted us to inquire about the possibilities regarding the wild card,” said a spokesperson for ABN AMRO Open. However, tournament director Richard Krajesek no longer had any more wildcards available. Last week he gave one to Andy Murray and Tim van Reythoven was already set. And the third keeps Krajicek still in his pocket.

Murray is currently No. 49 in the world and may be accepted directly into Ahoy depending on his ranking. In this case, the Greek track might be able to take over for the wildcard.

Source: National Ports Agency

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