This is how long you have to exercise to burn off these snacks

This is how long you have to exercise to burn off these snacks

Unfortunately, not everything we love is so healthy. For us, that’s no reason to give up that one cake. But if it were up to the British and American researchers, yes.

They think if you knew how long you had to exercise to burn off your snack again, people would eat it less quickly. That’s why they think it’s a good idea to stick a “movement sticker” on snacks.

If you see how long you have to go running to burn off one chocolate bar and how far, you will choose a healthy snack more quickly, they think.

If you’re very careful with your calories, it’s important to know that calories aren’t necessarily “the problem.” After all, there’s one calorie that isn’t another, says food scientist Hela Van Laer in an interview with The Healthy Diet ad.

“Calories from an avocado have a different effect on our bodies than they do from, say, a Twix. Once you eat the latter, you see a spike in sugar. Your body produces insulin, which affects fat burning (insulin stimulates fat storage, ed.).” You hardly swallow any nutrients,” she says. It’s different with avocado: although it contains a lot of fat and this product is high in calories, it contains many nutrients and delays your feeling of hunger longer.

If you feel the need to lose weight, it’s not as simple as calories in or calories out. Nutritious food is better for your body, so it’s best to put your calories in food that contains many healthy nutrients.

But, if you can’t resist a nice snack, at least now you know how long you’ll have to exercise to break even.

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  • Pizza Margherita (350 g): 812 calories = 8.1 km run
  • A bag of sour mats (200 g): 738 calories = 7.4 km run
  • Kebab sandwich (300 g): 654 calories = 6.5 km run
  • Big Mac557 kcal = 5.5 kilometers of running
  • bag of chips (100 g): 530 calories = 5.3 km run
  • Grilled cheese sandwich (2 white sandwiches): 380 calories = 3.8 km run
  • Chips (100 g): 262 calories = 2.6 km run
  • Twix (50 g): 248 calories = 2.5 km run
  • donuts (55 g) 200 calories = 2 km run
  • Fried donut balls (5 pieces): 805 calories = 8 km run

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