The French Parliament passes a climate law banning patio heaters

The French Parliament passes a climate law banning patio heaters

On Tuesday evening, the French parliament approved a climate law that should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030. The bill provides for, among other things, a ban on the expansion of airports, as well as the use of patio heaters after April 2022. Moreover, if The proposal is passed, and schools will be required to provide children with a vegetarian meal once a week. International news agencies report this.

332 members of the House of Commons voted in favor of the law and 77 against it. In June, the climate bill will go to the Senate, where President Emmanuel Macron’s government has a majority. The law comes from his government.

In April, it was Parliament Actually passed a law Cancellation of domestic flights on roads that can be reached by train in less than two and a half hours. For example, flights between Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. This measure is included in the climate code. Supermarkets will also have to reduce plastic use, will receive “ecoscore” clothing that reflects their climate pressure and there will be e-bike support.

Smoke bombs from the Extinction Rebellion

The 40 percent reduction that the French government wants to achieve under the law is compared to greenhouse gas emissions in 1990. On the other hand, the European Union provides for a 55 percent reduction in emissions by 2030. So environmental organizations like Greenpeace protest against the law, because it is Don’t think it’s drastic enough. With smoke bombs in hand, protesters of the Extinction Rebellion restrained themselves on Tuesday at the gates of the Bourbon Palace, where Parliament gathers.

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