The first steps to hunting down legends – Special Research – are known as Cacnea

When the GO Global: Hoenn Tour starts tomorrow, there will also be Chasing Legends-Special Research. You start by choosing a Pokemon. You will then get this Pokemon more often as an incense spawn (so think carefully about the choice). You have the choice between Cacnea, Gulpin and Surskit and below you will find what you need to do and get if you choose Cacnea:

Chasing Legends – Kakenya 1/6

  • Trigger Pokemon 15 times – 3 incense
  • Rewards: 5 Kyogre Candy, 5 Groudon Candy, and Absol

Chasing Legends – Cacnea 2/6

  • Use incense – cachinya
  • Catch 5 kanya – kanya
  • Catch 10 different types of Pokemon – Cachnia
  • Rewards: 2 Premium Raid Cards, 30 Poke Balls, 5 Super Balls

Chasing Legends – Kaknia 3/6

  • Spin 15 PokéStops or Gyms – Plusle
  • Explore one kilometer – Solrock
  • Catch 10 Fire, Grass, or Earth-type – Trapinch Pokemon
  • Catch 1 Groudon Volbet
  • Rewards: Sunny Castform, 10 Groudon Candy, 200 Primal Groudon Energy (if you have Ruby)

Chasing Legends – Cacnea 4/6

  • Spin 15 PokéStops or Gyms – minimum
  • Discover 1km – Lunatone
  • Catch 10 Water, Electric, or Wailmer bug Pokemon
  • Catch 1 Kyogree Elumis
  • Rewards: Rainy Castform, 10 Kyogre Candy, 200 Primal Kyogre Energy (if you have Sapphire)

Chasing Legends – Cacnea 5/6

  • Activate the primitive coup – missile radar
  • Defeat GO Rocket Leader Team – 3 revives
  • Bonuses: FastTM, ChargedTM

Chasing Legends – Cacnea 6/6

  • Get rewards! – 2023XP
  • Get rewards! – 2023 Stardust
  • Bonuses: Spinda

Once we know the rest, we’ll be sharing this with you, too!

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