The FBI searched Biden’s vacation home for classified documents

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The FBI has searched President Biden’s vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The research was part of a US Department of Justice investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents.

It was the past months many times Secret documents and notes found on Biden, from his tenure as vice president and from his time as a US senator. The documents were found in an old office of Biden in Washington and at his home in Wilmington.

No classified documents were found at the vacation home today, according to Biden’s attorney, Bob Bauer. However, some documents and notes were taken for further investigation. According to Bauer, these appear to be documents from the Biden era as vice president. The FBI has not said anything about this yet.

According to the lawyer, the president was not informed in advance of the house search today, but he cooperated. For this reason, the Federal Police did not need a search warrant.

Finds in Trump and Pence

How many classified documents have been found in the entire investigation so far and how sensitive they are is not yet known. It is clear, however, that no pieces containing nuclear secrets have yet been found.

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