The fastest growing economies in 2023 and 2024 show a global shift

The fastest growing economies in 2023 and 2024 show a global shift

A look to the near future shows that former developing countries are largely catching up. About India and Indonesia: These are the fastest growing economies in 2023 and 2024.

Loyal readers already know that by 2050 and 2075, the United States will no longer lead the global economy. But in terms of pure growth, America is already losing ground.

Fastest growing economies in 2023

The year is still long, but thanks to the forecast from… Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development We can get an idea of ​​the fastest growing economies in 2023. Just like last year, India will take the gold. The table below shows the fastest growing economies based on GDP.

Land Economic growth GDP
India 6,3%
China 5.1%
Indonesia 4,9%
turkey 4,3%
Mexico 3,3%
Brazil 3.2%
G20 3.1%
world 3,0%
Spain 2,3%
America 2,2%
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1,9%
Japan 1,8%
Australia 1,8%
South Korea 1,5%
Canada 1,2%
France 1,0%
Russia 0,8%
South Africa 0,6%
Euro-zone 0,6%
United kingdom 0,3%
Germany – 0.2%
Argentina – 2.0%

Fastest growing economies in 2024

Looking ahead to next year, Indonesia will overtake China to become the world’s second-fastest growing economy by 2024, according to the OECD. India is still ranked first.

Land Economic growth GDP
India 6%
Indonesia 5.2%
China 4,6%
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 3.1%
G20 2.7%
world 2.7%
turkey 2.6%
Mexico 2,5%
South Korea 2.1%
Spain 1,9%
Brazil 1,7%
Canada 1,4%
Australia 1,3%
America 1,3%
France 1,2%
Euro-zone 1,1%
South Africa 1,1%
Japan 1,0%
Russia 0,9%
Germany 0,9%
United kingdom 0,8%
Italy 0,8%
Argentina – 1.2%

And the Netherlands?

The Netherlands was not mentioned OECD Economic Outlook. According to data from European Union The growth of our national economy will reach 0.5 percent in 2023 and 1 percent in 2024. These are not the most optimistic figures, but they are roughly in line with the Eurozone.

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