De familie Ruesink. Foto: Omroep Gelderland

‘The farmer must start the city’, agriculture is inspired by the United States

Suzanne Rusink of Alton was not so afraid of change. If she wants to live on a farm, she has to. Since last year, the company has expanded with a restaurant and a convention center. Farm products are on board here. Called the short chain concept.

Fear of the unknown is often the problem. “All the social issues you have to deal with as a farmer sometimes indicate that you are on your back against the wall. We try to explain to people why those farmers are in Maliwealth. They want to change, but they often do not know where to go.”

“It was a very logical move for us. Everyone wants farmers to be more sustainable. We have nitrogen problems, which is only the beginning. Overall, this ensures that the farmer has to go. , But it will eventually stop. So what do you do? You can wait until those supermarkets come to you or you can do something yourself. “


Rusink received a grant for his research, where he looked for a way to connect farmers and citizens. He was somewhat inspired by what is known as the short-chain concept from the United States and the United Kingdom. This idea is unique in the Netherlands, but not there.

Suzanne did not receive that precursor from strangers. His parents, Eric and Joke, took over the company from Eric’s parents in the 1980s and did many other things besides farming. For example, they organized an Easter fire in the village, which was a huge success, and they are the founders of the farm and countryside that attract tens of thousands of visitors each year. In this way they want to introduce people to agricultural life.

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With the wagon covered on top of the farm

Although you can no longer live as a farmer without secondary activities, in the past this was often viewed with suspicion. “Do not bring people into the yard, it is very dangerous Mostly told us. They are afraid that they will bring diseases or something like that, ”says Eric Rusink of the past.

Today, the family arranges farm tours that take you from the restaurant to the farm in a closed wagon. “That way you can really see where your food is coming from.” With a restaurant, a dairy and pig farm, a food forest and many plans for the future, Susan’s dream is coming true.

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