The end of the story of the stuck Russian A320 plane?

The end of the story of the stuck Russian A320 plane?

Initially, the Ural Airlines Airbus A320 was supposed to take off from a wheat field, but instead the plane will most likely be dismantled.

This is confirmed by two sources with close ties to the Russian aviation authority Rosaviatsia. Izvestia, a newspaper from Russia. The reason for this is that no one wants to take responsibility for it Take off. This is partly because no tests have been carried out to ensure the A320 is ready for take-off. It was previously claimed that tests had been carried out on the engines and landing gear. The results then indicated that the plane would be able to return to the sky. It is expected that after dismantling the parts will serve as reserves. However, Ural Airlines says no decision has been made yet on what will happen to the A320.

An expensive task

The airline is currently in discussions with Russian aviation insurer Alfa Strakhovanie. This takes stock. Costs are expected to rise significantly. Ilya Kapachnik, vice president of the insurance company, believes an immediate fix is ​​possible Take off Wheat fields are very expensive and economically unviable. Reasons for this include current weather conditions. The machine stood in the snow for some time. In addition, the temperature is currently -30 degrees in the Obinsky district, the area where the A320 made an unplanned landing. However, Kapachnik did not rule out the possibility of reviving the plane. “At least that’s what everyone tells us, including at the airline,” says the insurance company’s boss. Izvestia.

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