The editor-in-chief of the science journal Quest has resigned over scientifically questionable opinions

Lynn Kuiper is the interim editor-in-chief of Popular Science SearchDiscredited for her unscientific views, she leaves. For example, I thought halo would not be fatal and mold forms faster when you call them names. Publisher Hearst had Kuiper go Known Friday. Her current managing editor, Martje de Gruyter, will take over until a successor is found.

Volkskrant I posted one last week Reconstruction Which shows that since Kuyper’s appointment there has been dissatisfaction with Quest’s editorial board about its unscientific views. The editors expressed their concerns to management, but they brushed off the complaint. Despite stepping down as editor-in-chief, Kuyper continues to participate in Hearst’s “various projects”, and Hearst thanks her for her “leadership and dedication”.

to SearchAs with most magazines, things have gone badly in recent years. In 2010 Quest still had over 192,000 pieces, and in 2021 there were just over 74,000. addresses Mission date And Psychology Quest Recently laid off, thirteen of the nineteen employees, including all seven writing editors, have been laid off.

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