Turns out, the rich are less of a bother than we thought

Rich people will have more antisocial behavior in traffic. American researchers in 2012 discovered that, blocking the way for other drivers, they are less likely to give way to pedestrians. In their study, the researchers established a link between higher income and unethical behavior. Also, the richest of us cheat more, give less money to charity and steal more.

The study was a great success and received a total of 1,270 citations. But the results are wrong, say scientists from the University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, New York University and Bocconi University in Milan. Rich people are less annoying than we thought.

The researchers, who are calling for more transparency in the sciences, asked the original authors about the results of the experiments. Missing important pieces. Then the experiment was repeated: a research assistant “played” a pedestrian crossing Route 394 times in Berkeley, California. Approximately 45 percent of the cars did not stop.

Fiat drivers are just as antisocial as Ferrari owners

Scientists say, there was no difference between the number of expensive cars and the number of cheap cars giving way. There was also no discrimination in the dropout’s behavior: Fiat drivers were just as antisocial as Ferrari owners.

Finally, international research shows that wealthy people donate a relatively larger portion of their income to charity and do volunteer work more often. According to the researchers, this does not mean that millionaires are necessarily kinder, but at least they have more opportunities in this area and therefore use them.

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