The continued detention of the former vice-president of the European Parliament, suspected of corruption cases | abroad

Eva Kaili, the former Vice President of the European Parliament, remains in prison at the moment on suspicion of corruption. She wanted to wait out the corruption scandal investigation at home with an ankle bracelet, but the judge refused to do so on Thursday.

The alleged corruption case revolves around the purchase of influence in the European Parliament by Qatar and Morocco. Kylie and three other suspects were said to be charged with corruption, money laundering and forming a criminal organization.

The pre-trial detention of two other suspects, Cayley’s Italian partner Francesco Giorgi and former MEP Pier Antonio Panziri, had already been extended last week. A fourth suspect, also Italian, is in the house with an electronic ankle bracelet.

Kylie, 44, said on Thursday she felt cheated by Georgie and said she was innocent. Her lawyers confirmed to the Chamber that the MEP and former newsreader is actively cooperating with the investigation.

During house searches surrounding the scandal, the police found around one and a half million euros in cash. She found about half of them in the home of the former Italian deputy Panzieri, who is considered the centerpiece of the case.

Another important part was in a bag that Kylie was going to give to her dad. He was caught doing so in a Brussels hotel. This led to the arrest of Kylie, her partner, and her father. The father of a former Greek vice-president of the European Parliament has been released.

Kylie’s lawyers have been angry for several days because information from the Belgian prosecutors’ investigation ends up with journalists. They’ve “never tried it like this before”. The public prosecution has launched an investigation into the leaks.

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