The chip crisis is rife in the automotive sector

The chip crisis is rife in the automotive sector

The chip crisis is rife in the automotive sector

The chronic shortage of chips is causing more and more problems in the automotive sector. Stellantis has to completely close five plants in North America starting this week due to not enough chips available. Renault is forced to stop production at the Romanian Dacia plant, and other manufacturers have also stopped production of tires.

Stellantis has subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, which manufacture Jeep, Ram, Dodge and Chrysler cars among others. Stellantis did not say how long the measure would last, but according to a union, a plant in the United States will be closed for four weeks.


For the same reason, the Renault group will shut down the large Dacia plant in Miuvene, Romania, for seven days in the next month. This affects around 9,000 of Dacia’s 14,000 employees in Romania. They receive no more than 85 percent of their monthly salary in April. Partner Nissan will initially stop production lines at two of its North American plants for a period of two days. In China, Nio, one of Tesla’s main competitors, has to do the same with a subsidiary at Hefei. It will be down for five business days in April, which means Nio can produce about 1,000 fewer cars.

130 thousand cars

Earlier, Ford, Honda, General Motors and Volkswagen announced similar measures in different parts of the world. According to analyst AutoForecast Solutions, the worldwide chip shortage means that at least 130,000 cars are being delivered. Ford announced in annual numbers that first-quarter sales would be roughly $ 2.5 billion lower due to a lack of chips. Elsewhere in the automotive world, truck builder Volvo AB has also had to temporarily halt production.

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since when

The supply problems of the major automakers are likely to be exacerbated by the blockade of the Suez Canal by the container ship Evergiven. Tens of thousands of containers containing ships stranded in traffic jams contain a large number of auto parts and components that were en route from Japan, China or South Korea to Europe.

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