Honda sold AutoGids-Swindon Factory

Honda sold AutoGids-Swindon Factory

Honda announced two years ago that it would soon sell its historic plant in Swindon, southern England, although there is no date at the time. That deadline is now known, because the site is being bought by logistics giant Panatoni. Honda has denied this in its communications, but the creator’s decision to leave appears to be partially unfavorable to workers as a result of Brexit.

3,500 employees

The Swindon plant shutdown resulted in the dismissal of 3,500 people. A social drama for the region, but not the result of Brexit, according to Honda. The manufacturer gives the reason for Honda’s difficulties in terms of sales in the European market, with leaving the UK as an inevitable consequence.

With only 3,393 cars sold in February 2021, Honda faces a 49% decline in the European Union markets, leaving it with a market share of just 0.4%, according to ACEA. It is therefore imperative that Honda focus its activities on the areas in which the brand can achieve the best possible results. Although, Brexit will not make the situation in England any better.

The shutdown will be in effect once the plant is dismantled, as the 5-door Civic is still in production. This is likely to start next spring. Then the site is in the hands of Banatoni, which intends to invest 700 million pounds (822 million euros) and find new jobs. So Honda’s 3,500 workers have hope.

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