The charges against the Russian journalist are a "useful tool" for the Kremlin

The charges against the Russian journalist are a “useful tool” for the Kremlin

“Van der Werf is clearly a pro-Putin figure,” says Sauer. “It is, of course, his right, but for the Russians it is now a hand tool.”

Van from FSB

According to Dobroshotov, the defamation case is a stick with which the dog is beaten. It’s a lot like this, reporter Geert Grote-Korkamp says: “Why are you looking for a house for a libel case, and not only with him, but also with his parents?” It often happens that home inspections are carried out on relatives, too, says Grote Corkamp, ​​”to put pressure on someone.”

Russian authorities say Dobrokhotov is only an official witness. But this is not reassuring, says Grote Corkamp: “That could immediately turn out to be a suspect.”

Dobroshotov’s laptops, phones and tablets were confiscated. His passport was also confiscated, which prevented Dobrokhotov from leaving the country. He was about to go abroad. Grote Corkamp: “The car that took part in the search had a plate number from the FSB, the Russian intelligence service. So it looks like there’s more going on.”

Last week, The Insider was labeled a “foreign agent.” This happens more often with NGOs and the media that Russia considers unwelcome: “Sometimes it may be because you receive a donation of 1 euro from abroad.” The Insider is registered in Latvia. Similar media are also registered abroad: Meduza in Lithuania and VTimes in the Netherlands.

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