The Android Nova launcher was acquired by a branch of the technology company – tablets and phones – news

Nova Launcher was purchased by the technology company’s subsidiary, Kevin Barry, creator of Nova Launcher, announced today. According to Barry, Nova Launcher will continue to develop and continue to partner with the popular Android launcher.

Barry Writes On the Nova Launcher website, nothing will change for users. According to Barry, the branch primarily wants to use Nova Launcher to test its own products. Not only Nova Launcher has been hacked, but also sesame researchthe Android search tool is integrated into the branch.

According to Barry, the branch is interested in Nova Launcher to gather analyzes about its products. He wrote that he wanted these analytics to have the option to opt out: “Nova Launcher already has basic analytics, opting out. That will still be. However, the priority for what we want to measure is change, so there’s going to be something to change.”

Barry added that he had several conversations about privacy and analytics with the subsidiary prior to the acquisition and believes they “will do the right thing for Nova Launcher users.” He also writes that he will personally continue to develop new features and updates for Nova Launcher. We are currently working on version 8.0.2. of Nova, whose beta is slated to roll out soon, Barry said.

Nova Launcher is available through the Google Play Store and has more than 50 million downloads. The launcher allows users to customize the Android layout and functionality as per their preference.

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