The Amsterdam Cats collaborate with the Women's Football League

The Amsterdam Cats collaborate with the Women’s Football League

AMSTERDAM – The Amsterdam Cats are the first Dutch Queen’s Football League (QFL) team to collaborate in a European competition with the American women’s football organization – the Women’s Football Association (WFA). The Cats is the local American football team in Amsterdam and grew up in Amsterdam at a time when women could not play American football. They have collaborated to prove that this is possible.

Entrepreneur Canisa Mullon is the founder of the NFL and her mission is to get women to play American football in every major Dutch city. In the past five years, I’ve built an organization with six Dutch-American soccer teams and over 150 members.

From amateur to professional player
Since this month, the Amsterdam Women of the NFL have been working with the NFL to give female players more opportunities in the sport. In recent decades, this American partner has grown into a platform where women can finally fulfill their dream of professional American football. With the WFA as a partner, players from the Dutch Football League can play in America and possibly start a professional career there, as is already possible for sports such as football and tennis.

In addition, the partnership with the WFA opens many international doors and QFL members can participate in competitions in the United States, but also in countries such as Mexico and Costa Rica where American football is very popular.

Work together to empower women
Canissa Mullon aims to break down barriers for girls and women to join the NFL with this partnership. “This ensures that they can play anywhere in the world.” Molouna is not only the manager of the QFL team, but he is also the one who ensures players in the sport can find the right sportswear of all sizes. This inspired her earlier this year to launch a body-positive campaign with a number of American footballers at the fore, to show that plus-size women also want to exercise.

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More than Amsterdam cats
The Amsterdam Cats come from Amsterdam and play in the Queen’s Football League (QFL, NFL Women) and since this month are the first European competition to partner with the WFA to reward Dutch female soccer players. Holland a chance to play internationally. more information:

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