The 11th season winner was announced by the vote of Holland  Currently

The 11th season winner was announced by the vote of Holland Currently

The eleventh season of the singing competition The Voice of Holland Danny van Velthoven won it on Friday evening. The singer was trained by Singer Anouk.

Van Veltofen won a record deal worth 50,000 euros and a car. “I was expecting no one to play,” said the winner, in his first performance during the preliminary rounds of the singing competition.

The 21-year-old Van Veltofen gave praise to his last final opponent, Eighteen-year-old Sim Rosendal. “When I was eighteen years old, I wasn’t even ten percent of who you are now.”

During the RTL 4 Singing Contest Final, Van Veltofen faced Nienke Fitters, Jasper Weaver And Rosendal, coaching singer Waylon. The final was played in two rounds: The Fitters withdrew from Ali B and Jan Smit’s Wever after the first round.

During the broadcast, Anouk was not satisfied with the status of the middle singer and wavered in her eyes in the final thanks to the audience vote. The singer suggested giving the audience a voice in the final from now on. The jury says he is willing to compensate for the lack of voting money. “I wish to forfeit a portion of my salary, but that would be fair.”

The tenth season of The Voice of Holland Completed in February 2020 Won By Sophia Kruithoff trained by Anuk. The ninth season of the singing competition was won by Jazz singer Denis Van Arsen of Waylon’s team.

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