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I have absolutely no doubt about the iFixit analysis, but I doubt the fact that the consoles will only have a short life.
I save consoles for my collection of games, so I always buy my consoles at launch (and sometimes the enhanced version afterward), and no controller has ever had a problem drifting with me, or actually a stick issue at all.
Even the Sixaxis 60GB PS3 launch console works perfectly, aside from replacing the 2x battery. It’s intensely framed for at least 10 years, and it’s even perfectly smooth polished due to the long hold. The thing looks very tired, but the sticks are still perfect. The same for my old X360 controller which afterwards is still used extensively as a controller in my RetroPI controller.
My first XOne was loaned out for half a year to someone whose kids play very intensely every day, one of them even on Team Overwatch. Control, very tired, slightly spongy buttons, flawless.
PS4 DS4 as above, at least 500 hours on the same console.

Well, I understand one experiment could be far from the norm, statistically irrelevant, but hey, I have over 20 other controllers with these alpine potentiometers, wouldn’t I have at least one with issues?

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