These festivals have already set a (unconfirmed) date for next summer

These festivals have already set a (unconfirmed) date for next summer

“The artists are all big business,” says Rob Simon Van Kum Sean Alter. “We are already incurring costs, but they can still be managed, like booking a flight for an artist. We also hope to strike favorable cancellation agreements with theater builders and tent rental companies, for example. For many of them, the business is now inertia, that’s sad. But it also does not help to demand difficult down payments now. “

Guarantee Fund

The provisional cabinet has a guarantee fund of at least 300 million Advertise For events from July 1. The festival industry eagerly awaits the details. “We don’t know how it works yet. Nice it was announced, but what exactly does that mean, for whom?” Says Yvette Forster of the Lake Reggae Festival.

Due to the uncertainty, Jasper Coenen of Soenda Festival has not entered into firm agreements with suppliers. “you can now Don’t insure against anythingSo the government guarantee fund is very important. We have a good relationship with our suppliers and you keep them at the option for as long as possible. But at some point we have to confirm. “

Already paid

Lake Reggae “pushed” the canceled issue from last year to this year. “We had an agreement with all the artists at the time that they would come this year now,” Forster says. “We have already paid them for the last year, including some suppliers.”

What if festivals allow only from September? “Then we’ll change it again,” says Diederik Broekhuizen from Tropikali. “Hopefully the NDSM festival site remains on the agenda. If needed, we’ll do it on Wednesday, then people take a vacation.”

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