Tesla electric vehicle deliveries decline in the third quarter

Tesla electric vehicle deliveries decline in the third quarter

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American electric car manufacturer Tesla delivered 435,059 vehicles to customers around the world in the third quarter. This is lower than in the second quarter of this year, when there were 466,140 births. According to Tesla, the decrease is related to planned work at factories.

This number was lower than expected, because analysts expected an average of 456,722 births. The Austin, Texas-based company had already said factories would produce less due to upgrade work to make a newer version of the Model 3 and to prepare sites for the new Tesla Cybertruck.

Total production in the fourth quarter reached 430,488 cars, compared to 479,700 in the second quarter. Tesla is sticking to its goal of producing about 1.8 million vehicles in all of 2023.

Tesla does not announce separate numbers about sales markets. The company’s main markets are the United States and China. The group has factories in Fremont, California and Shanghai, China. Tesla also has new factories near Berlin and Austin.

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