Susan and Frick meet Ed Sheeran in New York: hands are no longer washed

Susan and Frick meet Ed Sheeran in New York: hands are no longer washed

The singing duo had just had a delicious meal on the rooftop of the One Hotel in New York when Ed suddenly sat down at the table next to them. “I believed: what the hellSusan says, “This is Ed Sheeran.” “I thought I would stay pretty calm in a situation like this, but I really had to take a break after we left because I was kind of in a panic.”

The British singer sat down with his wife and producer, and Suzanne and Fricke could hear everything that was said. “They said they had a very busy week promoting the new record,” said Fricke. Since it looked like a quiet dinner, the Achterhoekers decided not to order a picture. “We know how it goes, if someone takes a picture, the whole porch follows,” says Frick.

However, the duo thought they couldn’t do anything either, so Frick had to say something to Ed from Susan, as they say. “We walked by and I said, ‘Congratulations on the new album and nice documentary, because I just saw it on the plane,'” says Fricke. He also told the star that they find it very inspiring. It wasn’t a long conversation. “After we said that, we immediately thought: Now shake again before it gets uncomfortable,” Frick says. “Then he gave us a hand and we haven’t washed it since,” jokes Susan.

The duo played their new song on the radio for the first time No more rain He said, meeting up with Ed calls for the perfect ending to a lovely vacation.

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