Roxanne Hazes suffers from loneliness: ‘I’m working on healing the girl inside me’

On the podcast, the singer says, among other things, that she wants to do things differently in the next 10 years. Roxanne especially wants to get rid of her fears. “I lived in fear from my twenties to my thirties,” she says. She thinks it’s important to address her “deep trauma”: “I’m healing the girl in me.”

Roxanne finds it difficult to be alone and struggles with it in her daily life. For example, her boyfriend Eric breaks the program’s rules during the recordings Dear singers. “This is an exception. This never happens. This is not allowed.” It’s a difficult request for Roxanne. “I can’t sleep alone. I find it very difficult. This is something very deep with me. Being alone and sleeping alone.”

The singer broke down in tears when Patty then asked what it was like to be with Roxanne when Eric left. She says her world will collapse. “I think about it a lot. (…) Then I go crazy.”

She continues: “That’s why I want to do things differently for the next 10 years. These are those irrational fears for me. Things that won’t happen tomorrow. Since becoming a mother, there have been a lot of fears.”

Roxanne’s family is very important to her. “This is really my safe place.” Just the thought that something would happen to one of them is “fodder for panic attacks” for the singer.

Listen to the entire podcast below.

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