Richard Groenendijk has lost 23 kilos, but is ‘fat with homesickness’

Richard Groenendijk has lost 23 kilos, but is ‘fat with homesickness’

He told the magazine, “If I ate whatever I wanted, I’d be a keg. But since being diagnosed with diabetes, I’ve lost 50 pounds in three years.” The comedian can’t quite keep up. “Despite the fact that I’ve already gained some kilos, because I’m fat with homesickness, I pay more attention to what I eat.”

Now he lives healthier than before. “When I’m in theater, these days people cook for me. Organic, lots of veggies, very little meat, slow carbs.”

However, Richard Gourmand remains. “I unpack my suitcase once or twice a week. Then we invite some friends and have extended dinners.” And what makes Richard the best? “Truffle soup with real truffles and parmesan. Baked veal cheeks, large cheese board and tartine tatin toe.”

Bring delicious food from home. “My mom and I are always afraid that there isn’t enough.” When it comes to alcoholic beverages, the comedian keeps it cool. He is “not a fan of wine” and drinks gin and tonic “once a week at most”, as he has an intolerance to alcohol. “I’m already hanging in a half cherry bonbon chandelier.”

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