Suriname is making preparations for safe civil aviation

Suriname is making preparations for safe civil aviation

Suriname is making all preparations for the next civil aviation review which will take place in 2024 or 2025. This is supported by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which made a presentation to President Chandrikapersad Santokhi on Thursday 8 December. This took place at the Office of the President, where the Minister of Transport, Communications and Tourism Albert Gopitana (TCT) and the Acting Director of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Suriname (CASAS) were also present.

Minister Gopitana says Suriname scores “very low” in Latin America in civil aviation when it comes to handling accidents and accidents according to ICAO rules. According to the Minister, an approach is needed to bring Suriname to the desired level.

Through the presentation, the International Civil Aviation Organization explained the average scores in the field of aviation safety and implementation of rules and procedures. The Surinamese team is working determinedly on an improvement plan to raise the level of civil aviation to international standards.

With regard to events and accidents in air traffic in Suriname, the investigation falls directly under the supervision of the Public Prosecutor (S). Minister Gopitana points out that the ICAO applies different regulations to this matter because it does not relate to criminal investigations. It is therefore necessary to establish an independent agency.

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The CAA states that all research falls under PG and this should also be changed in order to establish an independent institute for such research.

Acting Director De Souza notes that technical assistance is being provided to Casas from the International Civil Aviation Organization. The assistance is necessary because deficiencies have been identified in regulations and procedures that do not meet ICAO standards. It must be modified and/or changed.

The organization also faces a shortage of qualified staff and financial resources. The official stresses that “safe aviation is certainly the backbone of any economy.” This is why it is important to have a flight that meets international aviation standards.

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