At least 16 dead in Cambodia in floods caused by Cyclone Noru

At least 16 dead in Cambodia in floods caused by Cyclone Noru

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Floods caused by Cyclone Noru killed 16 people in Cambodia. The Mekong River overflowed its banks due to the storm.

Thousands of homes and streets were severely damaged. The hurricane has since weakened and turned into a tropical storm. More heavy rains are expected in the coming days.


Coastal areas of neighboring Vietnam were affected by Nouru last night. No deaths have been reported. There is a lot of damage though. Electricity was cut off in several areas, trees fell and roofs exploded. There was also a curfew in the country and fishermen were sent ashore. More than 250,000 people have been evacuated as a precaution.

Nuru was less severe than feared, but still flooded with heavy rain.


Another hurricane, Ian, is hitting Florida today. What is two hurricanes You have in common, is the astonishing speed at which their power has grown. Meteorologists are increasingly reporting this rapid increase. The effect is mainly due to the warming of the waters in the oceans as a result of climate change.

Ian is expected to gain more momentum over the Gulf of Mexico before reaching the US state. A state of emergency has been declared and about 300,000 residents of West Florida are expected to be evacuated.

in Cuba The storm caused so much damage to the power grid that power could no longer be supplied.

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