Summer Game Fest is back for online games in June – Games – News

Game journalist Geoff Keighley is organizing another edition of the Summer Games festival this year. The first edition took place last year. Leading platforms and publishers will announce new games at this event.

He. She Summer Fest game It will start again in June, but the exact date and duration that it will take have yet to be announced. Last year, the festival consisted of several four-month events and big names from the gaming industry including Valve, Sony, Microsoft, EA, Activision, and more.

In a newsletter and On Twitter Organizer Jeff Kelly announced that this year he will again release “Leading Platforms and Publishers” ads. This time it will be a “focused chain of events”. It was not known which parties would participate.

The Summer Games Festival faces competition from The digital alternative to E3 Game GalleryWhich will be held for the first time this year in the week of June 13th. Last year, E3 also had plans for a digital festival, but that was canceled. E3 was canceled completely last year, due to the Corona pandemic.

Major publishers and console manufacturers increasingly choose their events to deliver games. While several of the big names participated in the Summer Games festival last year, that doesn’t mean that they all took advantage of the event in their flagship ads. Microsoft put in place last year, for example Independent games in the spotlight And it saved more Xbox games for its own July event.

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