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What’s really disgusting about that? I don’t see such a problem. It’s not like they keep games away from you. bribe? I think it’s out of reach for you.

Ultimately, it is Epic that invests in a developer, and on the other hand, the developer must temporarily sell their products exclusively through their store. Anyone can refuse it and there is nothing illegal about it. This is a logical construct and is commonly used in other markets. Banks require a refund in the form of interest, Epic in the form of a temporary exclusive so that Epic can partially recover the investment.

Of course, Epic can’t make that investment, but then there are a lot of developers who have to get that money with a much smaller budget or with a much greater risk. Creating games is not for free.

Your answer gives me the impression that you are looking at things completely from one side and not feel like an add-on to your games. It is possible, but describing it as a bribe goes a little further.

I find it more difficult with Steam, they extract 30% of everything on their platform so as a developer you only have 70% left and what does Steam do for that? A little bit. Epic only takes 12%, leaving 88% to developers. Remember, Epic started out as a relatively young developer and it seemed they didn’t forget how difficult it was at the time.

Despite the fact that different groups respond like a herd of wildlife to the Epic Store, they also provide them to the developers. Many pros Things that are done with a personal touch, something you can forget on Steam.

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Blind and unfounded hatred of Epic seems to be the new fashion.

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