Stunning world record in Amstelveen: Dutch cricketers take a hard lesson from England |  other sports

Stunning world record in Amstelveen: Dutch cricketers take a hard lesson from England | other sports

It is known that the Dutch cricket team cannot compete with the top of the world, but today the Orange team made a huge difference. England broke the world record for running in a one-day match in Amstelveen: 498 times in 50 runs. Then the English outperformed the Orange team with 266 points, a difference of no less than 232 points.

England broke their own world record in a one-day international (ODI), a one-day international match. Four years ago, the English had already scored 481 runs against their arch-rival Australia, a much more important cricket country than the Netherlands. The record in professional cricket until Friday was held by Surrey County, which scored 496 points in a 50-time single match in the 2007 Premier League.

The Netherlands – who played their first ODI match against England outside of World Cup cricket – had only a few moments in Amstelveen to enjoy between the many hits from the English. Even a number of balls went off the field and lost, to the delight of the thousands of fans from England who came to Amstelveen.

Even England had hoped to cross the magical 500 race mark, but that didn’t happen. ‘But we really don’t take such gains for granted,’ said Ewen Morgan, England’s captain of cricket. Three of his players (Butler, Malan, Salt) made more than 100 throws, the so-called century.

Dutch captain Peter Sellar kept his spirits up after beating in front of his fans. “We have let ourselves down. But we have to look at it as a learning moment, it will make us the best cricketers of the future. Now we have to get up and make sure we are ready for it on Sunday,” said de Schiedamer.

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After all, there are two more duelists with England in the coming days. The match series is part of the FIFA World Cup Super Cup, a competition in which qualification for the World Cup can be achieved. At the beginning of this month, the Netherlands lost three times to the world famous West Indies. Later this summer, Pakistan will also come to the Netherlands.

Ryan Campbell, the national coach of Dutch cricketers, sat alongside the spectators. He was released from a British hospital on May 9. He stayed there for three weeks after a cardiac arrest. The medical examination showed that his heart was not damaged and that he would make a full recovery. The Dutch Cricket Association reports that Campbell could return to the Dutch team this summer.

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