What is the best time to exercise?  Research provides insight

What is the best time to exercise? Research provides insight

It doesn’t matter what time you exercise, right? Well, there seems to be a difference. For example, according to research, there is the best time of day when exercise can provide the most benefits.

It is suggested that exercising between 7am and 9am could be key to weight management search.

Timing of physical activity

Although the evidence regarding the timing of physical activity is controversial, research has shown that the beginning of the day appears to be the best time for moderate to vigorous daily physical activity.

The results showed that people who exercised in the morning were less likely to be obese.

Exercise in the morning

People who met the physical activity guidelines, 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise, and did so in the morning, had a lower BMI and smaller waists than people in the other groups.

“Our study provides a new tool to study daily physical activity patterns and their impact on health outcomes,” said Tongyu Ma, an assistant professor at Franklin Pierce University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. UK Metro.

Differences between time points

People in the morning group also reported eating healthier and consuming fewer calories per unit of body weight than people who exercised later in the day. According to the results, people in the morning group also spent significantly more time sitting or lying down, that is, not moving, compared to the others.

But the researchers discovered that these people still had a lower BMI and smaller waists.

“Complexity of physical movement”

A total of 5,285 people participated in the study. They were divided into morning, afternoon and evening trainees. The people in the morning group, made up of 642 people, were 10 to 13 years older than the participants in the other two groups.

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“Our findings suggest that the daily pattern of moderate to vigorous physical activity can provide another important dimension to describe the complexity of physical activity,” says Professor Ma.

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