Stefan 'Skyscraper' fought Struve at the top for years but now he listens to his body

Stefan ‘Skyscraper’ fought Struve at the top for years but now he listens to his body

Chromine – With 24 UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) matches and 42 fights in total, Stefan Struve can truly be called a veteran of the UFC universe. The 33-year-old Beverwijker has fought since 2009 as a heavyweight in the UFC, but decided last week to end his career.

After injuring an “innocent” ear, Struve sustained damage to his vestibular organ, forcing him to stop. “I tried to get through my last game well though and prepare for it, but I have a lot of complaints about that. At some point you have to look at your situation objectively. No matter how difficult that is.” Struve is in the boxing gym for his coach Bob Schreiber, with whom he has worked for nearly 17 years.

Struve has basically made a name for itself internationally due to its height. At 2 meters and 13 feet tall, he is still the tallest fighter in the history of the American MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Association. Earned him this international title. “Skyscraper‘running.

‘Little man’

He has traveled a lot for his sport, especially in America. There UFC is a much bigger sport compared to the Netherlands. His last battle was in Dubai. but now Skyscraper Due to his injury, he is no longer allowed to exercise intensively, and he has to make his decision elsewhere.

“I’m not ready financially yet. What a lot of people think when I’ve been there for so long. It’s not NBA or NFL where you earn really huge sums. I haven’t earned badly so I can enjoy it for a while.” Said Struve, who became a first-time father in September “.

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