Do you work a lot from home?  This is how you learn about physical exhaustion

Do you work a lot from home? This is how you learn about physical exhaustion

Work from home, work from home and work from home. During every press conference – and in fact afterward – Mark Rota keeps beating him. Don’t go to the office, just turn your kitchen table into your workplace. It seems nice for regular office workers like accountants, writers who get paid to do homework online, designers. It results in fewer injuries, but more challenges and stress. This also applies to homework burnout.

Worldwide, this term is searched 325,000 times a month, and this number is increasing. Fortunately, there are also things you can do to recognize and combat such exhaustion. So did Reebok In a new study Analyze a number of physical and mental exercises that should help prevent fatigue. It also improves your health and productivity. And don’t worry, you can only do these exercises on your desk.

Long-term stress

First of all: What exactly is burnout? When you feel stressed for a long time, your body reacts to exhaustion. It often manifests itself with feelings of fatigue, detachment, lack of motivation and a negative or sarcastic work outlook. According to positive psychology practitioner Ruth Cooper Dixon, fatigue manifests itself in three ways.

  • Feel like you are low energy and tired;
  • You withdraw and participate less in your business;
  • Your professional self-reliance becomes less.

Many people who (have to) work from home suffer from burnout, because it is difficult to separate your work from your private life. It’s hard to “run away” from work if you’re back on the sofa within five minutes. If you work in an office, you can sometimes just leave your work and stress there. Or check it out on the bike, on the train, or in the car. If you have (young) children who are now enrolled in online education, you are likely to have more stress. In addition to your regular job, you are now a part-time teacher.

According to the Reebook study, such fatigue is more common in the UK in 2020, with interest in Google searches increasing to 69 percent from last year.

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Exercise against burnout

If you fear burnout, exercise is one of the best ways to deal with these feelings of stress. Even if you are completely stress-free, a little exercise will never hurt, and it can make you more productive. Joe Mitton, founder of Mittfit, reveals that it is essential to “release dopamine and serotonin, which aid in mood as well as sleep” and reduce stress.

Most of these benefits are obtained with short periods of exercise each day. “Finding an exercise that you enjoy is vital because it helps you maintain your stability by making sure you take breaks and stay active on a daily basis,” says Lee Chambers, an environmental psychologist and wellness consultant.

What can you do then? Around the block, dance in the living room or do yoga in the kitchen. If you have weights – or plastic bottles filled with water or sand – you can make a circuit at home, too. Other than that, you can also do some exercises that only need your body weight. For example, squatting or sitting. “The important benefits of exercise on your mental health, especially during the cooler months, should be used to make sure you feel empowered during the tough times we’re facing,” Chambers says.

Are you reading this while working at home? Then do some exercise, even if a little tour of your area is fine. Your boss wouldn’t mind that.

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Do you work a lot from home? This is how you learn about physical exhaustion

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