Steam Deck OLED review: Buy, budget box, or junk?

Steam Deck OLED review: Buy, budget box, or junk?

Jasper and Kos are big fans of laptops. The ROG Ally has been watched with interest and they both now have a Steam Deck OLED. To purchase this new device from Valve, they both sold the regular Steam Deck. This caliber of fans. There has been great demand from the community for a renewed introduction of the improved device. And so, at the beginning of 2024, of course we will respond to that. It was no effort at all because Jasper and Koos are happy to talk about the new Steam Deck. You can see and hear why they wanted to do this so much in this Steam Deck OLED review.

Steam Deck OLED review: Handheld gaming takes it a step further

Both Jasper and Koos carry their steam deck almost everywhere. On the train, on vacation, and at home too, the Valve device is increasingly becoming their platform of choice. The ease of use in particular (playing on the couch rather than behind a desk) makes gamer life more attractive to both. Many games look particularly beautiful and more intense on a smaller screen than on a large one. Has your Steam Deck OLED experience gotten better? You will get the answers in this video.

Battery life is extended

Another point of improvement over the regular Steam Deck is battery life. It has been extended. This is always great with a device you want to use on the road. How long can you use it on the new device? Have any other modifications been made compared to the regular Steam Deck? Jasper and Kos have researched the matter and discussed their experiences with this item.

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Comparison images between the two Valve laptops are taken from the YouTube channel Games worker

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