"Switch itself to a nicer screen"

“Switch itself to a nicer screen”

When the Switch came out in 2017, it quickly became clear that the console would do just fine. Additionally, we might have expected Nintendo to release different versions, just as with the 3DS. This is exactly what happened now. A new version of the popular mobile device has been released. Switch OLED has been released and we tested it. How does the device play? Is it really much better? Do you really notice that it has a new screen? We’ll cover all this and much more in a review OLED switch.

Changes next to the OLED screen

This isn’t the first portable console to feature an OLED screen. 10 years ago, Playstation also tried this with the Vita. However, it turned out that it was not such a success. Now it’s up to Nintendo to show off the power of OLED on the Switch. But now, of course, is the question. Do you really see that? Does the new device have any other advantages? Or is it only the screen that has changed. The question is, of course, how do you play these games. Metroid dread especially. What about the frame rate on Switch OLED? Is there another difference?

Does this make the switch future-proof

Will this be the version that will keep the Switch successful? And does this mean that there will be no 4k version at the moment? Or is this the start of a new generation of Switch portable devices that are future proof? Will the games actually use it? Or will it remain exactly the same? We’ll see everything. Koos will share all his experiences with you. You can see it in a review OLED switch.

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