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Valve’s upcoming portable Steam Deck will have an optional feature to lower the frame rate. This should improve the battery life of the device. The company also confirms once again that the aforementioned target of 30fps is the minimum.

An optional frame rate limiter allows users to “tune performance versus battery life,” Valve employee Pierre-Loup Griffais wrote. on Twitter. No specific examples are given. The company previously stated that the Portal 2 at 30fps would be good for up to six hours of battery life, while users can play the same game for up to four hours at unlocked frame rate, as you write, among other things. Engadget.

Valve has also been reported in Interview with IGN The company aims to achieve a frame rate of At least 30 frames per second Steam Deck games in original resolution. Griffais emphasizes again on Twitter that this is the bare minimum. “The 30fps target is indicative of what we consider to be minimum playable in our performance tests; the games we’ve tested and played have consistently met and exceeded this benchmark so far,” the Valve developer said.

Steam Deck should be released in December. This laptop features a semi customized AMD soc with four Zen 2 processor cores and RDNA 2 GPU with eight units of account. This makes the chip based on the same architecture as the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and S. Steam Deck has a processing power of 1.6Tflops, which on paper is comparable to last-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The mobile device comes standard with SteamOS, but is also compatible with other operating systems, such as Windows.

A tweet from Valve employee Pierre-Loup Griffais. picture Via Twitter

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