Stamped version of Super Mario Bros. Brings a record $ 660,000 – gamers – geeks

Stamped version of Super Mario Bros. NES got under the hammer for $ 660,000, equivalent to € 561,000. The amount is a record for video games. The game is not only in a plastic case, but inside the box itself is also in good condition.

According to IGN All old records are crushed by this amount. For example, at the start of last year, $ 360,000 was paid for Nintendo Playstation, A hybrid console from the time the two worked together. The video game record has risen $ 156,000; Which was paid last year for a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. 3.

The game box comes from the fourth edition made by Nintendo. The more pressure progresses, the more money the game will ultimately earn at auction. What distinguishes this print is that NES-GP-code buck game It was still absent, but the trademark symbol was already there. Nintendo itself doesn’t provide information about these different combinations of the game, so they have to figure it out for themselves based on these kinds of details.

Chris Kohler of game preservation studio Digital Eclipse tells IGN that maybe a lot was paid for the game because the people who played the game as a kid are now 40 to 50 years old and have the money to spend it. The game’s value is also expected to only increase.

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